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Interstellar Molecules Laboratory Spectroscopy and Synthesis (IMOLABS)

We are entering a golden age for astrochemistry, with the simultaneous increase in detector sensitivity, band pass and telescope collecting area. The analysis of astronomical spectra, and the detection of new interstellar species is nevertheless hampered by the lack of knowledge molecular spectroscopy, both for stable species and for ions and radicals. Another issue is the lack of understanding of the chemical formation pathways to interstellar molecules, leading to a low efficiency in the search for new species. This interdisciplinary project aims at improving both points by developing jointly : i) new techniques for more sensitive molecular spectroscopy, ii) new production techniques for possible interstellar molecules, iii) new observation and modeling programs. The team gathers well known experts in astrophysics, microwave instrumentation, molecular spectroscopy and synthesis who will share their knowledge.


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Herschel Key Program

Prismas_icon.jpgThe scientific goals of the Herschel Guaranteed Time Key program PRISMAS are presented on the following link.


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HSO-small.jpg HIFI is one of the 3 selected instruments for HSO an ESA cornerstone project confirmed in Feb. 1999.

The key topics addressed by the instrument will be high resolution submillimetre spectroscopy of the cold phases of the interstellar, circumstellar and circumplanetar media.


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ISOGAL survey

ISO-small.jpg One of the large programs of the ISOCAM instrument aboard ISO has produced a unique survey in several wavelength ranges of a large fraction of the galactic plane.


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The Physique Chimie du Milieu Interstellaire web site is no longer hosted on this server.

See http://www.obs.u-bordeaux1.fr/pcmi/


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SubMIR: a submillimetre & infrared galaxy database

The SubMIR database gathers processed data on nearby galaxies obtained with the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO), the IRAM 30m telescope, the IRAM plateau de Bure telescope and the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO).

The CSO data have been published in Bayet et al. (2004, A&A, 427, 45-59)

Access to the database requires a login account.

Please contact Estelle Bayet or Maryvonne Gerin.


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Présentation CEMAG

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ANR Programs

The LERMA/ENS is involved in two ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) programs.

  • Magnétohydrodynamique Astrophysique et Géophysique Numérique Et Théorique (MAGNET)
  • Structure and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium (SCHISM)

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Presentation of the COSMIS kick-off available here.


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