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HIFI is one of the 3 selected instruments for HSO (formerly known as FIRST), an ESA cornerstone project confirmed in Feb. 1999.

The key topics addressed by the instrument will be high resolution submillimetre spectroscopy of the cold phases of the interstellar, circumstellar and circumplanetar media.

It will be designed by an Europeo-American consortium lead by T. de Graauw (SRON, The Netherlands)). In the framework of the Instrument Control Center (ICC) scientific preparation, we shall work in close contact with the PI-institute (SRON-Groningen) and the laboratories responsible for the design of the various channels and the spectrometers.

The tasks of the LERMA/ENS, in collaboration with the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS) and the Observatoire de Paris (Arpèges), include an important conceptual part dedicated to the preparation of the calibration plan, and the instrument and calibration sources modeling efforts. This implies some contribution to scientific data analysis and the development of related processing softwares.

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