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Pierre Lesaffre

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Pierre Lesaffre



Research interests

I'm interested in various fields of computational astrophysics, which share in common the problem of coupling chemistry and hydrodynamics :

  • Star formation,

  • ISM dynamics and chemistry,

  • MHD shocks,

  • Type Ia Supernovae,

  • MHD in accretion disks.



A moving grid implicit 1D MHD code with fully coupled chemical network. This is still private property of CEA, so I should ask the permission before it is made available here... (associated paper)


Same as above, but in spherical geometry and with radiative transfer on grains. Aimed at computing the pre-stellar and proto-stellar phases of star formation with chemistry coupled. (associated paper)


An extension of Shock with diffusion. Aimed at describing the edge of molecular clouds. (associated paper)


A stellar evolution code designed to describe flashing events during stellar evolution. download flash.tar (associated paper)


Improvement on the Zeus version I got from S. Fromang (conservative, shear waves OK). See the link on the magnet page.


My current project... an other attempt at solving numerically for the convective Urca process !

Main Publications

Accretion disks

  • "Exact shearing box solutions of magnetohydrodynamic flows with resistivity, viscosity and cooling" paper

Stellar evolution

  • "The C flash and the ignition conditions of Type Ia supernovae" paper

  • "A two-stream formalism for the convective Urca process" paper

  • "A convective model consistent with chemistry" paper

MHD shocks

  • "Time-dependent analytic solutions of quasi-steady shocks with cooling" paper

  • "Effects of turbulent diffusion on the chemistry of diffuse clouds" paper

  • "The dynamical influence of cooling in the envelope of prestellar and protostellar cores" paper

  • "Temporal evolution of magnetic molecular shocks II. Analytics of the steady state and semi-analytical construction of intermediate ages" paper

  • "Temporal evolution of magnetic molecular shocks I. Moving grid simulations" paper

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